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220 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY dry it with calcium chloride, and then distil off the ether from the filtered solution in a 50 ml. distilling-flask, using a similar apparatus and observing the same precautions as in the prepara- tion of aniline (see Fig. 64, p. 163, or Fig. 23(E), p. 45). When all the ether has been distilled off, replace the water-condenser by an air-condenser, and distil the residual anisole slowly over a gauze. Collect the fraction distilling at 152°-!56°. Yield, 9 g. Anisole is a colourless and almost odourless liquid, having b.p. 154°, and d , 0-99. Like the aliphatic ethers, it is chemically inert, although of course the phenyl group shows the normal aromatic reactions. Phenetole. (Ethyl Phenyl Ether.) C 6 H 5 OC 2 H 5 . (Method I 3 p. 217.) In view of the high cost of methyl iodide in the above preparation of anisole, and the fact that, unless absolute methanol is used, the ready hydrolysis of the methyl iodide may cause a low yield of the ether, the preparation of anisole
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