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PREPARATIONS 221 fitting rubber stopper is available. Dilute the solution with 30 ml. of water in order to moderate the subsequent reaction, and then run in from a burette 6*9 ml. (9*2 g., 1*05 mols.) of dimethyl sulphate. Cork the bottle securely and shake the contents vigorously. As the reaction proceeds, the mixture becomes warm and the methyl naphthyl ether rapidly separates as a greyish-white powder: finally after about 20 minutes' shaking the reaction is complete and the mixture has again become almost cold. Filter the methyl naphthyl ether at the pump, wash with dilute (io%) sodium hydroxide to remove any traces of un- changed naphthol or methyl sulphate, and then wash thoroughly with water and drain. Recrystallise from methylated spirit, from which the methyl 2-naphthyl ether separates readily as colourless crystals, m.p. 72°: yield, Qg. Nerolin, which has a faint but persistent odour, is used tech- nically for scenting soaps, etc. i-Naphthol, similarly methylated, gives the liquid methyl i-naphthyl ether,
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