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PREPARATIONS 223 The N-methylanthranilic acid rapidly separates. Cool the mix- ture in ice-water, filter off the acid at the pump, wash thoroughly with water and drain. The crude acid if now dried weighs 1-5 g. and has m.p. 166-170°. To save time, the well-drained acid may be recrystallised twice from ethanol, and the pure acid, m.p. 176-177°, thus obtained. This recrystallised acid is "pure" in the normally accepted sense of the word, namely it has a sharp m.p. and gives on analysis excellent values for carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. If however it is subjected to one-dimensional paper chromatography (p. 53), the presence of traces of unchanged anthranilic acid can be detected, and repeated recrystallisation is necessary to remove these traces. i-Phenyl-ethylamine. CH 3 -CH(C 6 H 5 )NH 2 . (The Leuckart Reaction.) Aldehydes and ketones may be converted into the corresponding primary amines by reduction of their oximes or hydrazones (p. 93). A method of more limited application, known as the Leuckart Reaction, consists of heating
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