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224 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY and extract it with 40 ml. of water to remove ammonium formate and formamide. Run the lower layer of i-phenylethylformamide back into the original flask, and extract the upper aqueous layer with 30 ml. of benzene. Discard the aqueous layer, and run the benzene extract also into the flask. Now add 30 ml. of concen- trated hydrochloric acid and some porcelain, and distil off the benzene: then boil the residual liquid gently under reflux for 30 minutes. Cool the liquid, and extract it with 25 ml. of benzene to remove traces of acetophenone. Chill the aqueous layer thoroughly and then liberate the amine by slowly adding with stirring a solution of 25 g. of sodium hydroxide in 50 ml. of water. Extract the mixture twice with ether (50 ml. each time) and dry the united ethereal extracts over solid sodium hydroxide. Then distil off the ether from the filtered extract, and finally the i -phenyl- ethylamine, b.p. 185-188°. Yield, 12-13 g. The small higher- boiling residue is di-i-phenylethylamine, (CH
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