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PREPARATIONS 225 (B) w-HEXYL METHYL KETONE. CH 3 (CH 2 ) 6 -CO-CH 3 . Redistil technical n-octan-2-ol, and collect the fraction of b.p. 178-179°. Fit a three-necked round-bottomed flask of ca. 500 ml. capacity with a stirrer, dropping-funnel and reflux water-condenser (as in Fig. 23(0), p. 46). Place 250 ml. of water in the flask, cautiously add with stirring 27-5 ml. (50 g.) of con- centrated sulphuric acid, and then add 37*5 g. of pulverised sodium dichromate dihydrate. To this stirred solution add 61 ml. (50 g.) of n-octan-2-ol from the dropping-funnel during 45 minutes. Then heat the reaction-mixture under reflux on a boiling water-bath for i hour. Transfer the solution to a steam- distillation apparatus (or fit a steam-distillation head to the original flask) and steam-distil the mixture until no more ketone passes over. Separate the insoluble ketone from the aqueous distillate, and dry it over calcium chloride. After filtration, distil the w-hexyl methyl ketone, b.p. 172-173°. Yield, 40 g.
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