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226 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY water-bath. Meanwhile cut up 38 g. of sodium into small pieces of convenient size for inserting through the third neck of the flask, and store them temporarily in a wide-necked bottle closed by a cork. Add the pieces of sodium in turn to the stirred boiling solution, removing each piece from the bottle by means of for- ceps or tongs: when the reaction appears to be subsiding add more ethanol (150-200 ml.) in small portions to maintain a vigorous reaction, and to complete the dissolution of the sodium (total time, i|-2 hours). Discontinue the heating, and add 125 ml. of water cautiously from a dropping-funnel to the stirred hot solution. Then either pour the solution into a flask fitted for steam-distillation, or adapt the 3-necked flask by replacing the stirrer by a steam-head to which the reversed condenser can be fitted, the other two necks being closed unless the design of the steam-head necessi- tates the steam being led in through one of these necks. Collect
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