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228 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Required: Cyclohexanone, 20 g.; hydroxylamine hydrochloride, 17 g.; anhydrous sodium carbonate, 13 g.; concentrated sul- phuric acid, 50 ml.; 25% aqueous potassium hydroxide solution, approx. 200 ml.; chloroform, 120 ml. Cyclohexanone oxime. Add 20 g. (21 ml.) of cyclohexanone to a solution of 17 g. of hydroxylamine hydrochloride in 40 ml. of water, and cool the mixture in ice-water. Add a solution of 13 g. of anhydrous sodium carbonate in 40 ml. of water slowly to the mixture, stirring the latter with a ioo° thermometer, and maintaining the temperature of the mixture at 20-25° mean- while. The oxime rapidly separates. Stir the complete mixture at intervals, and after 10 minutes filter the oxime at the pump, drain thoroughly and dry it in a (vacuum) desiccator. Yield of crude oxime, 20 g. Recrystallise from petroleum (b.p. ioo- 120°) and dry over paraffin wax (p. 19). Yield of pure oxime, 16 g., m.p. 88°. Beckmann Rearrangement.
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