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246 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY powder, or, if the shaking has not been sufficiently vigorous, as small pellets: when the reaction is complete, filter off the product at the pump, break up any pellets with a spatula on the filter, and then thoroughly wash with water and drain. Recrystallise the benzanilide from hot methylated spirit: for this purpose use rather more of the hot solvent than the minimum required for complete solution, and filter the latter through a funnel pre- heated by the filtration of some of the boiling solvent, as the benzanilide may crystallise rapidly as the solution cools: it is only slightly soluble in cold methylated spirit. Benzanilide is thus obtained as colourless crystals, m.p. 163°: yield, 1-6 g. For reactions of benzanilide, see p. 379. Hydrolysis of Benzanilide. For this hydrolysis, it is necessary to use 70% sulphuric acid (see Hydrolysis of Acetanilide, p. 108). Add i g. of benzanilide to 10 ml. of 70% sulphuric acid, and boil the
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