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252 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY water. Toluene- p -sulphonamide is thus obtained in colourless crystals, m.p. 137°. Yield 4-2-4-4 g. Toluene- p -sulphonamide is almost insolubb in cold water, but dissolves readily in sodium hydroxide solution (as the sodium derivative) and is immediately reprecipitated on the addition of strong acids. To show the formation of the sodium derivative, dissolve about 0-2 g. of metallic sodium in about io ml. of ethanol, cool the solution, and then add it to a solution of i g. of the sulphonamide in 20 ml. of cold ethanol. On shaking the mixture, fine white crystals of the sodium derivative, CH 1 C 4 H 6 SO 1 NHNa, rapidly separate, and may be obtained pure by filtering at the pump, and washing first with a few ml. of ethanol, and then with ether. Toluene-p-sulphonchloro-sodio- amide ("Chloramine-T"), CH 3 C 0 H 4 SO >NNaCl,3HoO, and Toluene-/) -sulphon-dichloro- amide (" Dichloramine-T "), CH 3 C 8 H 4 SO 2 NCl 2 . When toluene-/>-sulphonamide is dissolved in an excess of sodium hypo-
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