Organic 2 Review Problem 269

Organic 2 Review Problem 269 - P REPARATIONS 253 water,...

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PREPARATIONS 253 water, drain thoroughly, and dry without delay either with drying- paper or (better) in a desiccator. Yield, 6-8-7-0 g. (theoretical). The dichloramine-T is thus obtained in a high state of purity: it may, however, be crystallised with very little loss from 60-80° petrol, and obtained as needles, m.p. 83°. CHLORAMINE-T. (a) From Dichloramine-T. For this purpose use dichloramine-T which has been prepared as above, and thoroughly drained but not necessarily dried. Heat 40 ml. of 10% sodium hy- droxide solution in a beaker over a gauze until the solution is almost boiling, and then add the dichloramine-T in small quantities, stirring the mixture gently after each addition until a clear solution is obtained. When the addition is complete, cool the solution in ice-water, whereupon the chloramine-T will rapidly separate in colourless crystals. Filter at the pump, and drain thoroughly. Yield, 8 g. (almost theoretical). The chloramine-T, which is now practically pure, may if desired be recrys-
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