Organic 2 Review Problem 271

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PREPARATIONS prepared by the addition of a mild oxidising agent, 9 H such as ferric chloride, to an aqueous solution of hydroquinone (E), a reaction which is readily revers- ible by reducing agents such as sulphur dioxide: it is also technically prepared by the more complicated oxidation of compounds such as aniline. The preparation of a member of each of the above classes of ketones is given below. Acetophenone. C 6 H 6 COCH 3 . Required: Aluminium chloride, 30 g.; benzene, 75 ml.; acetyl chloride, 20 ml. Place 30 g. of anhydrous finely powdered aluminium chloride* in a 300 ml. dry round-bottomed bolt-head flask, and add 75 ml. of dry benzene (free from toluene). Fit a water-condenser to the flask, and then in turn fit a small dropping-funnel securely in the top of the condenser by means of a cork having a shallow V-- shaped groove cut vertically in the side to give open access to the air. (Alternatively use the apparatus shown in Fig. 23(A), p. 45, the outlet-tube A being closed with a calcium chloride tube.) Cool the contents of the flask in a basin of cold water (ice-water
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