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256 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY risk of water "sucking back" through the tube into the reaction mixture ( c /. Fig. 62, p. 128). When the heating is complete, cool the reaction mixture and then pour it into 200 ml. of water contained in a flask of about 750 ml. capacity. Then cork the flask and vigorously shake it, cooling in water if necessary: aluminium chloride and hydrogen chloride are thus extracted by the water, whilst the acetophenone remains dissolved in the benzene. Pour the mixture into a separating-funnel and run off the lower aqueous layer: shake the benzene solution with a dilute aqueous sodium hydroxide solu- tion to ensure complete removal of hydrogen chloride, and again separate the benzene and then dry it over calcium chloride for about 15 minutes. Filter the dry solution and remove the ben- zene by distillation. For this purpose fit a ioo ml. distilling-flask containing some fragments of unglazed porcelain with a dropping- funnel and a water-condenser: run a portion of the benzene solu-
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