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26o PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY unaffected by the vigorous oxidising action of the latter compound: acetic acid fulfils these conditions admirably. Required: Anthracene, 10 g.; acetic acid, 150 ml.; chromium trioxide, 20 g. Assemble an apparatus precisely similar to that used for the preparation of acetophenone (p. 255), viz., a 500 ml. bolt-head flask having a reflux water-condenser, into the top of which is fitted a ioo ml. dropping-funnel by means of a cork having a V-shaped groove cut vertically in the side to allow escape of air. (Alterna- tively, use the apparatus shown in Fig. 23(A), p. 45.) Place 10 g. of finely powdered anthracene and ioo ml. of glacial acetic acid in the flask, mix thoroughly by shaking and then heat the flask over a gauze so that the acetic acid boils gently under reflux, and the greater part of the anthracene goes into solution. Then dissolve 20 g. of chromium trioxide in 15 ml. of water, add 50 ml. of glacial acetic acid, and pour the well-stirred mixture into the dropping-tunnel. Now allow the chromium oxide solu-
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