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PREPARATIONS 261 and heat the basin rather more strongly than before, at the same time protecting the apparatus from draughts. After a few minutes, the vapour of the anthraquinone passes through the holes, and condenses on the upper surface of the filter-paper and on the walls of the funnel in beautiful long yellow needles: these are pure and have m.p. 277°. During the process of sublimation, adjust the rate of heating so that the anthraquinone is slowly yet steadily volatilised, but the funnel does not become more than slightly warm. Recrystallise the remaining half of the crude anthraquinone from boiling acetic acid, using animal charcoal: filter the hot solution through a Buchner funnel which has been preheated by the filtration of some of the boiling solvent, as the anthraquinone crystallises rapidly as the solution cools. Cool the filtrate in cold water and then filter at the pump, drain, wash with methylated spirit and dry. Yield, 4-5 g. Anthraquinone.
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