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262 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY cd-dimethylaminopropiophenone hydrochloride. The reaction therefore affords a ready synthesis of certain keto-amines. It will be clear that the above reaction, if carried out with ammonia would give first a primary amine, and if performed with a primary amine would give a second- ary amine. Furthermore, if the above reaction were carried out with monomethyl- (A) C 6 H 6 COCH 2 CH 2 NH(CH 8 ). (C e H 6 COCH,CH 2 ) 2 NCH, (B) amine hydrochloride, the initial product would be the hydrochloride of G>-methylaminopropiophenone (A), but this compound could react again to give the compound (B). In the reaction described below, such secondary reactions do not occur. Required: Acetophenone, 5 g.; paraformaldehyde, 1-25 g.; dimethylamine hydrochloride, 3-5 g. NOTE. Dimethylamine hydrochloride is a deliquescent substance: the sample if damp must be dried in a vacuum desiccator and then rapidly weighed before use. Add 5 ml. (5 g.) of acetophenone,
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