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266 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Required: Ethyl acetate, 200 ml.; sodium, 15 g.; saturated brine, 200 ml. The ethyl acetate used in the preparation must first be dried. For this purpose place about 200 ml. of ethyl acetate over granular calcium chloride, shake thoroughly and allow to stand, preferably overnight: then filter through a fluted filter-paper directly into a distilling-flask fitted with a water-condenser and distil carefully over a gauze. Use rubber stoppers or ground-glass joints for the distillation apparatus, as bark corks contain appreciable quantities of water. Fit a 750 ml. bolt-head flask (also by a rubber stopper) to a reflux water-condenser closed at the top by a calcium chloride tube: ensure that flask and condenser are quite dry. Place 150 ml. of the dried ethyl acetate in the flask and add 15 g. of sodium. The sodium for this purpose should preferably be added in the form of wire directly from a sodium press (Fig. 55, p. 82): alternatively the sodium may be added as thin slices, but in this
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