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PREPARATIONS 267 using a Buchner funnel and flask, quickly drain the residue of sodium sulphate in the funnel, and then rinse out the conical flask with a few ml. of the original dried ethyl acetate, filtering the latter through the sodium sulphate residue into the ester below. Pour the latter into the Claisen flask, add some unglazed porcelain and, temporarily discarding the capillary and thermometer, cork the necks of the flask, connect it to a water-condenser and then place it in a boiling water-bath. The greater part of the un- changed ethyl acetate now distils over. When distillation ceases, remove the flask, replace the capillary and thermometer, and fit an apparatus for vacuum-distillation to the Claisen flask: for this purpose the Perkin triangle apparatus (Fig. 14, p. 31), or that shown with a "pig" (Fig. 23(F), p. 46), is preferable, but the more simple apparatus shown in Fig. ia(A), p. 29, gives good results. When a steady low pressure is attained in the apparatus, heat the Claisen flask in an oil-bath, increasing the temperature
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