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274 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Meanwhile fit up an apparatus for ether distillation precisely similar to that shown in Fig. 64 (p. 163), except that a ioo ml. Claisen flask is used instead of the simple distillation-flask shown in the figure, i.e., as in Fig. 23(E), p. 45. The dropping-funnel is fitted to the main neck of the Claisen flask, the side-neck being corked. Filter the dry ethereal solution through a fluted filter- paper directly into the dropping-funnel, finally washing the conical flask and the calcium chloride with a few ml. of fresh ether. Then distil off the ether in the usual way, allowing the solution to fall from the dropping-funnel into the flask as fast as the ether itself distils over— observe all the usual precautions for ether distillations. When the distillation of the ether is complete and only the crude ester remains in the Claisen flask, fit up the latter for vacuum-distillation, using the simple apparatus shown in Fig. i2(A), (p. 29) or a Perkin triangle with condenser (Fig. 14,
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