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Organic 2 Review - P REPARATIONS 275 aqueous sodium hydroxide solution and then add 2 drops of e thyl malonate and shake A violet coloration is p

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PREPARATIONS 275 aqueous sodium hydroxide solution, and then add 2 drops of ethyl malonate and shake. A violet coloration is produced, rapidly fading to red and eventually to pale yellow. Excess of the malonate discharges the red colour rapidly, giving the yellow solution. Precisely similar results are obtained with ethyl acetoacetate, except that in tests 2 (a) and 2 ( b ) the deep red coloration is produced without a preliminary violet coloration. These coloration changes are given by most compounds which possess the -CH 2 -CO- group: for further examples, see Tests 4 (a) and ( b ) for Ketones, p. 344. SUBSTITUTION DERIVATIVES OF ETHYL MALONATE. Ethyl malonate resembles ethyl acetoacetate in that it gives rise to mono- and di-substituted derivatives in precisely similar circumstances. Thus when ethanolic solutions of ethyl malonate and of sodium ethoxide are mixed, the sodium derivative (A) of the enol form is produced in solution. On boiling this solution with an alkyl halide, e.g.,
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