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286 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY water, but do not stop the reaction. Now gently boil the mixture on a water-bath for 15 minutes to complete the reaction, then remove the flask from the water-bath and add slowly a solution of 0-5 ml. of dry ethyl benzoate in 1-5 ml. of dry ether down the condenser. When the boiling of the ether subsides, continue heating on the water-bath for 15 minutes. Cool the Mask in ice-water and pour the ethereal solution into a mixture of about 6 ml. of dil. H 2 SO 4 and io g. of crushed ice contained in a 50 ml. flask fitted for steam-distillation, taking care to leave behind any unchanged magnesium. Fit to the lower end of the condenser a small Buchner flask or boiling-tube with side-arm (45°) carrying a piece of rubber tubing which falls well below the level of the bench. Steam-distil the ethereal solution and discard the distillate. The residue in the flask is triphenyl-carbinol and solidifies on cooling. Filter at the pump, wash with water, drain and dry. Yield of crude
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