Organic 2 Review Problem 303

Organic 2 Review Problem 303 - P REPARATIONS O R-C-OC1H6...

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PREPARATIONS 287 O ,OZnBr ,OH R-C-OC 1 H 6 > R C-CH 8 COOC 1 H 6 > R-C-CH 2 COOC,H S XDC 1 H 5 \3C 2 H 5 > R CO CH 2 COOC 8 H 5 Required: Zinc powder, 20 g.; ethyl bromoacetate,* 28 ml.; benzaldehyde, 32 ml. PREPARATION OF REAGENTS.f It is essential for this preparation that the zinc powder should be in an active condition. For this purpose, it is usually sufficient if a sample of ordinary technical zinc powder is vigorously shaken in a flask with pure ether, and then filtered off at the pump, washed once with ether, quickly drained and without delay transferred to a vacuum desiccator. If, however, an impure sample of zinc dust fails to respond to this treatment, it should be vigorously stirred in a beaker with 5 % aqueous sodium hydroxide solution until an effervescence of hydrogen occurs, and then filtered at the pump, washed thoroughly with distilled water, and then rapidly with ethanol and ether, and dried as before in a vacuum desiccator. The ethyl bromoacetate (b.p. 159°) and the benzaldehyde (b.p. 179°) should
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