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PREPARATIONS 291 filtered toluene solution slowly into the flask at such a rate that the volume of solution entering is approximately the same as that of the toluene (b.p. m°) distilling over. When the unchanged toluene has thus been removed, replace the funnel by a capillary tube, and con- tinue the distillation under reduced pressure by means of a water- pump. The />-methylacetophenone is obtained as a colourless liquid, b.p. 110-112 0 X 1 S mm -> leaving a dark residue in the flask. Yield 20-25 S- The ketone may require redistillation to obtain a sharply- boiling fraction. It can be distilled at atmospheric pressure, and has b.p. 220-224°/76o mm. p-ETHYLTOLUENE. Required: p -Methylacetophenone, 1 S £•*> granulated zinc, 40 g.; mercuric chloride, 5 g. To prepare the amalgamated zinc, place 40 g. of granulated zinc in a 750 ml. flask, and clean the surface by first shaking the zinc with a small quantity of acetone, then decanting off the acetone and repeating the process with distilled water. Dissolve
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