Organic 2 Review Problem 313

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PREPARATIONS 297 (Fig. 4i(A) and (B), p. 65) into which the ethereal extract is al- lowed to run from a dropping-funnel at approximately the rate at which the solvent is distilling. When the ether has been removed, fit a capillary tube and thermometer, and continue the distillation at water-pump pressure. The diethyl ester of colli- dine-3,5-dicarboxylic acid (II) distils as a pale golden oil, b.p. i76-i78°/i4 mm. Yield, 5 g. from 6 g. of the ester (I). Collidine-3,$-dicarboxylic acid. Boil a mixture of 5 g. of the ester (II) and 50 ml. of 15% ethanolic potash under reflux for 30 minutes. The dipotassium salt crystallises during the boiling and during the subsequent cooling. Filter off the potassium salt at the pump and wash it with a small quantity of ethanol. Dilute the filtrate with about an equal volume of ether to precipitate a further small crop of the salt. Yield of combined crops: 4-5 g. from 5 g. of the ester (I). To obtain the free acid, add a solution of 2 g. of the potassium salt in 15 ml.
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