Organic 2 Review Problem 318

Organic 2 Review Problem 318 - 302 P R A C T IC A L O R G A...

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Unformatted text preview: 302 P R A C T IC A L O R G A N IC C H E M IS T R Y anhydride. The next fraction is a golden liquid, b.p. i2O -i3o°/i5 m m ., of almost pure quinaldine, w eighing 18 g. If this fraction has been distilled slowly, the distillation will stop w hen this frac- tion is com plete. Stronger heating then causes a rapid rise of the boiling-point as the by-products begin to distil, and should be avoided. The quinaldine should be redistilled from a clean flask, and obtained as a colourless hygroscopic liquid, 120-123°/15 m m ., weighing 15-16 g. ( b ) The second m ethod requires far more tim e. Cool the acetylated liquid, m ake it alkaline w ith saturated aqueous sodium carbonate, replace the condenser by a steam- distillation head, and again steam -distil until all the quinaldine has passed over. Extract the distillate w ith ether, dry the extract as before, and distil the filtered extract, taking off the ether at atm ospheric pressure and the quinaldine at w ater-pum p pressure....
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