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PREPARATIONS 309 Fit a 500 ml. conical flask with a two-holed cork, through which are passed a dropping-funnel and an outlet-tube furnished with a calcium chloride guard-tube. Place a solution of 17-6 ml. of phosphorus trichloride in 35 ml. of dry ether in the dropping- funnel, and fit the latter also with a calcium chloride guard-tube. Place 38 ml. of absolute ethanol, 62 ml. of dimethylaniline and 40 ml. of dry ether in the conical flask, shake the mixture until a clear solution is obtained, and then close the flask with the dropping-funnel and outlet-tube. Place the flask in ice-water, and then add the ethereal solution of phosphorus trichloride slowly from the funnel, keeping the contents of the flask well shaken throughout the addition. Towards the end of the reaction the separation of dimethylaniline hydrochloride causes the mix- ture to set to an almost solid mass. Finally set the mixture aside for 2 hours at room temperature.
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