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3io PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Assemble an apparatus similar to that used in the previous experiment, i.e., a 500 ml. conical flask fitted at the neck with a freshly-charged calcium chloride tube, a dropping-funnel, and in addition an outlet-tube joined to the water-pump so that dry air can be drawn through the calcium chloride tube and thence through the conical flask. The purpose of the air-stream is to remove as much as possible of the excess of hydrogen chloride. Pour a solution of 38 ml. of dry isopropanol in 30 ml. of dry ether into the flask, and a solution of 13-5 ml. of phosphorus chloride in 15 ml. of dry ether into the dropping-funnel. Now turn on the pump to draw a stream of dry air through the flask, and cool the latter in ice-water. Add the phosphorus tri- chloride solution slowly to the solution in the flask, shaking the reaction-mixture throughout the addition. When the addition of the trichloride is complete, continue the air-stream for a further 30 minutes. Then turn off the pump, and replace the
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