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3 i 4 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Yield, 22-23 g. This product has m.p. 152-155° when heated from room temperature, and 155-156° when immersed in a heating-bath at 140°. Arsonic acids, like carboxylic and sulphonic acids (pp. 349, 353), usually give crystalline benzylthiouronium salts. Add just sufficient dilute aqueous sodium hydroxide dropwise with shaking to a suspension of 0-5 g. of phenylarsonic acid in 10 ml. of water to give a clear solution. Then add 0-5 g. of benzylthiouronium chloride dissolved in io ml. of water. Filter off the precipitated benzylthiouronium salt, wash with water and dry: m.p. 114-117°: it tends to dissociate on attempted recrystallisation. Benzylphenylarsinic Acid. C 6 H 6 CH 2 (C 6 H 6 ) As.O(OH). (The Meyer Reaction.) The Meyer Reaction in arsenic chemistry bears some analogy to the Arbusov Reaction in phosphorus chemistry. If, for example, methyl iodide is added to a solution of arsenic trioxide in an excess of aqueous sodium hydroxide, i.e., an alkaline solution
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