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PREPARATIONS 315 bottomed flask. Add 0-1-0-2 g. of potassium iodide to facilitate the reduction. Heat the mixture on a boiling water-bath in a fume-cupboard, and pass a vigorous stream of sulphur dioxide from a cylinder down a delivery tube to the bottom of the solu- tion. The solution rapidly becomes milky in appearance as fine drops of the insoluble dichloroarsine separate. Continue the sulphur dioxide for i hour, when the heavy dichloroarsine will have sunk to the bottom. Then cool the mixture in ice-water, transfer it to a separating-funnel, and run off the lower layer of dichloroarsine. Dry the arsine over anhydrous sodium sulphate. Filter the arsine through a small filter-funnel at the pump: wash the residual sodium sulphate in the drying-flask with a small quantity of dry petroleum (b.p. 60-80°) and filter the petroleum through the funnel to wash the sulphate which is on the filter. Distil the united arsine and washings in a fume-cupboard,
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