Organic 2 Review Problem 333

Organic 2 Review Problem 333 - REACTIONS AND IDENTIFICATION...

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Unformatted text preview: REACTIONS AND IDENTIFICATION 317 benzophenone (and their nuclear substituted deriva- tives), cyclohexanone. 14. Acids. (A) Carboxylic Acids. Formic, acetic (and higher ali- phatic acids); oxalic, succinic, lactic, tartaric, citric, benzoic, salicylic (and their nuclear substituted derivatives), phthalic, cinnamic (and nuclear sub- stituted derivatives). (B) Sulphonic Acids. Simple aromatic sulphonic acids. 15. Esters. Methyl, ethyl, n-propyl, n-butyl, benzyl, cyclohexyl esters of all acids in Section 14 (except lactic acid); phenyl esters of acetic, benzoic and salicylic acids. 16. Ammonium salts, amides, imides and nitriles. (A) Ammonium salts of acids given in Section 14 (except lactic acid). (B) Formamide, acetamide, oxamide, urea, benzamide, salicylamide; thiourea. (C) Succinimide, phthalimide. (D) Acetonitrile, benzonitrile (and nuclear substituted derivatives). 17. Acid chlorides and anhydrides....
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