Organic 2 Review Problem 335

Organic 2 Review - R EACTIONS A ND I DENTIFICATION 319 In this way the student's knowledge of the organic reactions is consolidated as he proceeds

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REACTIONS AND IDENTIFICATION 319 In this way the student's knowledge of the organic reactions is con- solidated as he proceeds through the sections, his experience of the general method of identification steadily increases, and the investi- gation of the unknown compounds forms a welcome break from the systematic pursuit of the sectional work. NOTE. It is not expected that a student will attempt to memorise all the colour tests given in Part III. lie might for example be expected to know the Phthalein Reaction for phenol itself (p. 339). Details of the divergence from the "standard" result are recorded primarily for reference, so that a student will not be diverted from his line of investigation if he observes that a "suspected" phenol does not respond exactly to the standard colour changes. Section i. Heating on a Crucible Lid. Heat a small portion of the following substances on an inverted porcelain or stainless steel crucible lid. At first, heat one side of the lid gently, so that the heat travels along the lid to the organic
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