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REACTIONS AND IDENTIFICATION 329 NOTE, (i) Heating with soda-lime can sometimes be carried out satisfactorily on a semi-micro scale thus: Place about o-i g. of the substance in a dry hard- glass test-tube and add about 0-5 g. of dry powdered soda-lime and shake to obtain a uniform mixture. Draw into the lower end of the glass bulb B (Fig. 51 (A), p. 70) one drop of a suitable reagent. Now place the bulb carefully on the rim of the test-tube and heat the mixture, gently at first and then more strongly. Note any changes in the nature or colour of the reagent (e.g., bleaching-powder solution turned purple by aniline). (2) There is no satisfactory chemical way of distinguishing between ethane and methane, both of which burn with an almost non-luminous flame: this fact however is quite unimportant at this stage of the investigation. Hydrogen also burns with a non-luminous flame and when the open end of a test-tube full of the gas is placed in a Bunsen flame, a mild explosion with a very charac-
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