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332 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Substance Class Result Sodium formate Formates CO evolved, no blacken- HCOONa ing. Oxalic acid Oxalates CO and CO 2 evolved, (COOH) 2 ,2H 2 O no blackening. Uric acid C 5 H 4 N 4 O 3 Purines Dissolves on gentle warm- ing and is reprecipitated unchanged on dilution. The solution in cone. H 2 SO 4 darkens on heat- ing. Section 7. Reactions and colorations with aqueous Ferric Chloride solution. This test is frequently of great value for identification purposes, but it is essential that the conditions given below are rigidly observed, because the careless application of the reagent may give erroneous results. Ferric chloride solution sometimes contains a large excess of HCl which would interfere with the following reactions. If it is very markedly acidic add dil. NaOH solution, drop by drop, to the ferric chloride solution until a small but permanent precipitate of ferric hydroxide is obtained. Filter this off through a small fluted filter- paper, and use the clear filtrate. The latter is still not quite neutral
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