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33 6 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY transfer a few ml. of the product to a test-tube, and note the separation of white crystals of adipic acid on scratching (m.p. 153°), (ii) Oxidation of benzyl alcohol to benzole acid. Boil a mixture of 0-5 ml of benzyl alcohol, 25 ml. of saturated potassium permanganate solution and 0-5 g. of Na 2 CO 3 under reflux for 15 minutes. Cool some- what, acidify carefully with cone. HCl, and then add 25% sodium sulphite solution until the brown precipitate of manganese dioxide has dissolved. On cooling, benzoic acid crystallises out. Filter through a small Buchner funnel, wash with water and identify (see p. 347). The benzoic acid after recrystallisation from water has m.p. 121°. 3. lodoform Reaction. To 0-5 ml. of ethanol add 3 ml. of 10% KI solution and io ml. of NaOCl solution. Warm gently, fine yellow crystals of CHI 3 separate. Isopropanol gives CHI 3 in the cold. Pure methanol and the other alcohols in this section go not give the reaction. CRYSTALLINE DERIVATIVES FOR IDENTIFICATION.
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