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REACTIONS AND IDENTIFICATION 341 Section 12. Aldehydes. -CHO. ( c /. Tables, pp. 539, 540) Formaldehyde, metaformaldehyde, acetaldehyde, paraldehyde, chloral hydrate, benzaldehyde, salicy!aldehyde (and other sub- stituted benzaldehydes). Physical properties. All colourless. Formaldehyde, HCHO, is a gas, and only its aqueous solution, which has a characteristic pungent odour, is considered:* metaformaldehyde or "trioxyrnethylene", (CH 2 O) 3 , is a solid polymer, insoluble in water and ethanol. Acetaldehyde, CH 3 CHO, b.p. 21°, is generally used in aqueous solu- tion, which has also a characteristic odour; paraldehyde, (CH 3 CHO) 3 , is a liquid polymer, b.p. 124°, slightly soluble in water, odour simi- lar to that of acetaldehyde, but less intense. Chloral, CCl 3 CHO, a liquid, is almost invariably encountered as the stable solid "hydrate", CCl 3 CH(OH) 2 , m.p. 57°. Both have a characteristic odour: the hydrate is readily soluble in water. Benzaldehyde, C
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