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REACTIONS AND IDENTIFICATION 351 of formic acid or of a formate: add a dilute solution of potassium permanganate drop by drop and note the decolorisation, which is hastened by warming. (b) Reduction of alkaline permanganate. Dissolve about o-1 g. of a formate (or 2-3 drops of a formic acid solution) in 5 ml. of a 10% Na 8 CO 8 solution, add i% aqueous KMnO 4 drop by drop: immediate decolorisation takes place in the cold with the simultaneous precipitation of manganese dioxide. 4. Reduction of ammoniacal silver nitrate. Add a few drops of a neutral solu- tion of a formate to ammoniacal AgNO 8 (see Test 4, p. 342). A silver mirror or more usually a grey precipitate of metallic silver is produced on boiling. Acetic acid. CH 3 COOH. 1. Does not reduce KMnO 4 , HgCl, or ammoniacal AgNO 3 . 2. The odours of methyl and ethyl acetate are characteristic. Oxalic acid. (-COOH) 2 . 1. Sulphuric acid test. To 0-5 g. of oxalic acid or of an oxalate, add i ml. of cone. H 2 SO 4 and warm: CO and CO 2 are evolved
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