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352 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY lactate add i ml. of cone. H 2 SO 4 and warm gently. A brisk efferves- cence takes place, CO being evolved together with varying amounts of CO 2 and SO 2 . The mixture blackens considerably, but there is no marked charring. 2. lodojorm reaction. To 0-5 ml. of lactic acid add 10% NaOH solution until alkaline to litmus. Then add 5 ml. of 10% KI solution and 10 ml. of freshly prepared sodium hypochlorite solution and mix well. A yellow precipitate of iodoform separates out almost immediately in the cold. Tartaric acid. [-CH(OH)COOH] 2 . 1. Sulphuric acid test. Warm 0-5 g. of tartaric acid or a tartrate with i ml. of cone. H 2 SO 4 . Heavy charring takes place, CO and SO 2 being evolved. 2. Reduction of ammoniacal silver nitrate. Add i drop of dil. NaOH solution to about 5 ml. of AgNO 1 solution, and add dil. NH 3 solution drop by drop until the silver oxide is almost redissolved. Add AgNOg solution until a faint but permanent precipitate is obtained (see p.525). Then add 0-5 ml. of a neutral
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