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REACTIONS AND IDENTIFICATION 355 crystalline solids should be noted: methyl oxalate (m.p. 54°), methyl tartrate (m.p. 48°), methyl succinate (m.p. 18°, liquid in hot weather), methyl cinnamate (m.p. 36°), phenyl benzoate (m.p. 70°), phenyl salicylate or "salol" (m.p. 42°). Most are very sparingly soluble in water; note however that methyl formate, methyl oxalate, methyl succinate, methyl and ethyl tartrate, methyl and ethyl citrate are soluble in water. GENERAL REACTIONS. 1. Many esters possess characteristic odours. 2. Esters form hydroxamic acids which give colorations with ferric chloride. 3. All esters are hydrolysed by sodium hydroxide to the alcohol (or sodium phenoxide) and the sodium salt of the acid from which they are derived. 4. Form (a) amides with ammonia; ( b ) benzylamides with benzylamine. 5. Undergo "ester interchange" with 3,5-dinitrobenzoic acid. 1. Odours. As it is impossible to describe the odours of esters in absolute terms, the student should familiarise himself with the odours of
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