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356 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY under reflux for at least 30 minutes.* Phenyl esters when heated with soda-lime (Section 3) give an odour of phenol, and their identity will have already been suspected.) At the end of this time, all oily dropsf of unchanged ester should have disappeared, and the solution now contains the free alcohol and the sodium saltj of the acid: in the case of the phenyl esters, the solution will contain sodium phenate and the sodium salt of the acid. Now disconnect the condenser and re-attach it to the flask by a knee- tube for distillation (Fig. 59, p. ioo), unless the apparatus in Fig. 38 has been used. Distil off about 5 ml. of the liquid. (a) The aqueous distillate may be clear, and may contain meth- anol or ethanol. Test for each of these, as described on pp. 335- 337- ( b ) If the distillate is clear and contains neither mcthanol nor ethanol, then only water has distilled over and the original sub- stance is a phenyl ester (sodium phenoxide being non-volatile). Treat according to the special directions for phenyl esters given
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