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REACTIONS AND IDENTIFICATION 357 Treatment of phenyl esters. (See also p. 248.) The alkaline solu- tion containing phenoxide and the sodium salt of the acid should now be worked up by the following method. Cool the solution in ice-water, and then add dil. H 2 SO 4 with stirring until the solution is acidic to litmus-paper and the acid, if aromatic, begins to separate as a faint but permanent precipitate. Now add dil. Na 2 CO 3 solution with vigorous stirring until the solution becomes definitely alkaline to litmus-paper and any precipitate entirely redis- solves. Finally extract the clear solution twice with ether. Transfer the ethereal layer to an evaporating-basin, and evaporate on a previously heated water-bath. (No flames must be near.) Identify the phenol which remains in the basin (p. 337). Acidify the aqueous solution with dil. H 2 SO 4 and investigate the organic acid as above. Hydrolysis of methyl oxalate. The exceptionally rapid hydrolysis of methyl oxalate can be followed thus: Dissolve 0*2 g. of finely powdered methyl
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