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REACTIONS AND IDENTIFICATION 359 Section 16. Ammonium salts, amides, imides, and nitriles. (cf. Tables XI, XII, pp. 543-545) (A) AMMONIUM SALTS. R-COONH 4 . Ammonium salts of formic, acetic, oxalic, succinic, tartaric, citric acid; benzole, salicylic (and other substituted benzoic acids); phthalic and cinnamic acids. (B) AMIDES. R-CONH 2 . Formamide, acetamide, oxamide, urea, benzamide, salicylamide. Thiourea. CO (C) IMIDES. R(^ )>NH. Succinimide, phthalimide. X CO (D) NITRILES. R-CN. Acetonitrile, benzonitrile (and sub- stituted benzonitriles). Physical Properties. (A) Ammonium salts. All colourless solids readily soluble in cold water. (B) Amides. All colourless solids except formamide, HCONH 2 , a liquid which decomposes on boiling at atmospheric pressure.* Formamide, acetamide, CH 3 CONH 2 , and urea, CO(NH 2 ) 2 , are readily soluble in water; thiourea, CS(NHo) 2 , is moderately soluble; oxamide,f (CONH 2 ).,, benzamide, C 6 H 5 CONH 2 , and sali- cylamide, HOC 6 H 4 CONH 2 , are almost insoluble in cold water;
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