Organic 2 Review Problem 393

Organic 2 Review - R EACTIONS A ND I DENTIFICATION 3 77 Phenylurea Derivatives These are p repared precisely as those from primary amines except

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REACTIONS AND IDENTIFICATION 377 Phenylurea Derivatives. These are prepared precisely as those from primary amines, except that the toluene- p -sulphonyl and benzene- sulphonyl derivatives are insoluble in aqueous sodium hydroxide and therefore separate on formation. (, p. 552.) Note. Secondary amines, etc ., in Class (ii) can be identified by their derivatives (C) and (D) above, and by their picrates when these can be readily isolated. The preparation of derivatives (D) requires the dry amine, whereas water does not affect that of derivatives (C). (C) TERTIARY AMINES. For division into Classes (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv), see p. 373. Physical Properties, (i) Triethylamine, b.p. 90°, tri-w-propylamine, b.p. 156°, tri-w-butylamine, b.p. 212°, are liquids with a fishy odour, and with decreasing solubility in water. (ii) Dimethylaniline, b.p. 193°, and diethylaniline, b.p. 216°; liquids which are colourless when pure, but rapidly darken in air; insoluble in water: characteristic odour. Moderately strong bases, dissolve in
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