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378 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY The mixture becomes hot, and on cooling the colourless crystals of the methiodide separate. 4. p-Nitroso derivative. Dissolve 0-5 ml. of dimethylaniline in about 4 ml. of dil. HCl, chill in ice and then add carefully drop by drop about 2 ml. of a 20% sodium nitrite solution. A reddish solution is obtained, but no oil separates (cf. methylaniline). Allow to stand for 5 minutes in the cold and then add dil. NaOH solution. A green precipitate of p -nitrosodimethylaniline is obtained. Shake with a few ml. of ether and note that the ethereal layer becomes deep green in colour. . 5. Coloured oxidation products, (a) Dissolve a few small crystals of triphenylamine in i ml. of cone, H 2 SO 4 (cf. footnote, p. 376). Add 2 drops of cone. HNO 3 to about io ml. of water, mix, and add i drop of this diluted HNO 3 to the triphenylamine solution: an intense green- ish-blue coloration is produced. Dimethylaniline when treated in this way turns a deep dichromate colour. ( b
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