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386 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY few minutes. Pour into cold water and note the separation of solid m-dinitro benzene, m.p. 90°. SPECIAL TEST FOR ;w-DIMTROBENZENE. Acetone-Alkali coloration. Dissolve a few crystals in 1-2 ml. of acetone and add a few drops of aqueous XaOII solution. A deep violet coloration is pro- duced, and is turned red by acetic acid but destroyed by mineral acids (see Test 4(6) for Ketones, p.-346, and also Test 2(0) p. 274). (B) NITROPHENOLS. Physical Properties. Both solids, freely soluble in hot water, sparingly in cold water. o-Nitrophenol, bright yellow, volatile in steam,* odour resembling both that of phenol and of nitrobenzene: p -nitrophenol, colourless when pure, non-volatile in steam, odourless. GENERAL REACTIONS. 1. Soluble in aqueous NaOH solution, giving yellow or red solutions. 2. Sufficiently strongly acidic to liberate CO 2 from Na 2 CO 3 solution. 3. Reduced to primary aminophenols. 4. Some nitrophenols give colorations with ferric chloride.
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