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388 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY a dark-coloured solution. Cool and extract with about 15 ml. of ether. Separate the ethereal layer, wash with water and evaporate the ether in a basin on a previously heated water-bath in a fume-cupboard away from all flames. The residue may be: (a) o-Phenylene diamine from o-nitroaniline. Colourless crystals. Dissolve in a small quantity of dil. HCl and add several drops of FeCl, solution: a deep red coloration is produced and increases in intensity on standing. (b) w-Phenylenediamine from m-nitro-aniline. Usually dark-coloured, semi-solid mass. Carry out the two tests described on p. 385. Note that although both o- and w-phenylenediamines give reddish colorations with FeCl 3 , only the w-phenylenediamine on diazotisation gives a deep brown solution with separation of the solid Bismarck Brown. o-Phenylenedia- mine similarly treated gives a very pale brown (almost colourless) solution with only a trace of solid matter separating, while />-phenylenediamine is
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