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REACTIONS AND IDENTIFICATION 391 Chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, iodoform and the halogeno- benzenes do not give precipitates with cold aqueous silver nitrate solution. 2. Hydrolysis with alcoholic NaOH solution. Boil together in a small conical flask, fitted with a reflux water-condenser, i ml. of chloroform and 10 ml. of alcoholic NaOH solution for 10 minutes. Then dilute with water to dissolve any NaCl which may have separated, add dil. HNO 3 until acid and then AgNO 3 solution. A copious preci- pitate of AgCl is produced. Similar results are obtained with methyl iodide, ethyl bromide, ethyl iodide, iodoform, carbon tetrachloride, and benzyl chloride. Chloroform and iodoform give also sodium formate in this reaction: CHCl 3 + 4NaOH = HCOONa + 3NaCl + 2H 2 O. A portion of the solution, before the addition of the HNO 3 , should therefore be tested for formic acid (Tests, p. 350): ensure however that the solution is neutra- lised where necessary during these tests. Methyl iodide, ethyl bromide and ethyl iodide also evolve small
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