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392 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY If desired, the crude naphthyl ether can be identified as its crystalline picrate (p. 397). (, p. 561). SPECIAL REACTIONS. Methyl iodide and ethyl iodide. Pyridine methiodide and ethiodide. Place 2 drops of dry pyridine in a test-tube, add 2 drops of methyl iodide and mix. A vigorous reaction occurs and on cooling, a colourless crystalline mass of pyridine methiodide, C 6 H 5 N 1 MeI, is formed (cf. p. 377): when recrystallised from methylated spirit, the methiodide has m.p. 117°. The reaction with ethyl iodide is less rapid and it is necessary to warm the mixture gently until cloudy. On cooling, crystals of the ethiodide are formed, and after recrystallisation from methylated spirit have m.p. 84°. Chloroform. i. hocyanide (or carbylamine) reaction. Dissolve i ml. of chloro- form in 2-3 ml. of alcoholic NaOH solution, add a few drops of aniline, mix well and warm gently: the foul odour of isocyanide is produced.
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