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396 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY phenyl ether), b.p. 172°. Guaiacol (\-hydroxy-2-methoxybenzene), b.p. 205°. Nerolin (methyl 2-naphthyl ether], m.p. 72°, b.p. 273°. Physical Properties. All these ethers are insoluble in water. The aliphatic ethers have strong characteristic odours, have anaesthetic properties and are extremely inflammable. GENERAL REACTIONS. Ethers are, in general, inert compounds and their identification presents difficulties. Further complications also arise with mixed ethers. 1. Iodine dissolves in liquid ethers giving brown solutions. 2. Esters are formed with sulphuric acid and acetic acid. 3. Many ethers dissolve in cone. HCl. 4. Aliphatic ethers are broken down by heating with ZnCl 2 - 5. Usually ruptured by hydrogen iodide. 6. Aryl ethers form picrates. 1. Iodine solutions. Dissolve i crystal of iodine in diethyl ether and note the brown colour. Aromatic hydrocarbons (e.g. benzene) give purple solutions. 2. Ester formation.
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