Organic 2 Review Problem 415

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REACTIONS AND IDENTIFICATION 399 add excess of NaOH solution as before, and thoroughly shake the securely corked flask. Then dilute somewhat with water, and filter off the solid neutral component at the pump. Reserve the filtrate for subsequent identification of the acidic component (see below). Wash the solid residue on the filter thoroughly with very dilute NaOH solution to ensure complete extraction of the acidic component, then wash with water, drain, and dry by pressing between sheets of drying-paper as usual. Then identify. ( b ) Neutral Component is liquid. Place the above quantities of the original mixture in a separating-funnel, add excess of the NaOH solution and shake thoroughly. Run off the aqueous layer and reserve as before for the identification of the acidic component. Then again extract the neutral liquid remaining in the funnel with more NaOH solution. Run off and reject the latter, and extract the neutral liquid finally with water. Separate the liquid, dry it with anhydrous sodium sulphate, and distil if
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