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4oo PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY (3) A neutral and a basic substance. It is again assumed that the neutral substance is insoluble in water (see, however, the footnote on p. 389). The separation now consists in extracting the mixture with dil. HCl, which dissolves the basic com- ponent, leaving the undissolved neutral component. Again, first carry out a small-scale test, extracting about 0-5 g. of the mixture with about 5 ml. of dil. HCl in a test-tube, in order to determine whetner the neutral component is solid or liquid. (a) Neutral Component is solid. Continue precisely as in 2(0) above, except that the mixture must now be extracted with an excess of dil. HCl instead of NaOH. Filter at the pump, reserve the filtrate, and then wash the residue on the filter thoroughly with dil. HCl, then wash with water, and finally drain, dry and identify as before. (b) Neutral Component is liquid. Proceed as in z(b) above, extracting the mixture with dil. HCl: reserve the HCl extract, and then wash the neutral insoluble liquid with dil. HCl, then with
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