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SCHEME FOR THE IDENTIFICATION OF AN ORGANIC COMPOUND. General Remarks. In the following pages an account is given of the results which may be observed when an unknown organic compound is subjected to the following tests: A. Physical characteristics. B. Heating on a crucible lid. C. Identification of the elements present. D. Heating with soda-lime. E. Treatment with io% aqueous NaOH solution. F. dil. Na 2 CO 3 solution. G. cone. H 2 SO 4 . H. dil. HCl. I (i) ,, Fehling's solution. (ii) ,, Ammoniacal silver nitrate solution. J. Reactions and colorations with ferric chloride. K. Treatment with 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine. L. Treatment with hydroxylamine and ferric chloride. Proceed through Tests A, B and C. Carry out Test C (identification of the elements present) with great care, as a mistake at this stage will invalidate much of the subsequent analysis. Then proceed, in general, through Tests D—L, keeping in mind the results obtained in Test C.
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